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NTT Tech Fair

We are living in interesting times. The internet and all the technologies and ideas that come with it are changing our lives in a rapid pace as a visit of NTT Tech fair in Tokyo shows. I was impressed with the Taion-Heart, a remote handholding device for lovers or parents and kids. The plastic hearts […]

Mobility For The Disabled: Ideas from Japan

When it comes to mobility solutions for the disabled and handicapped, Japan’s car manufacturers are leading the world. In no other country,  even heavily handicapped costumers have such a wide choice of models and solutions directly from the car makers than in Japan. One reason is, that Japan is one of the fastest ageing societies. […]

Car Test: The Silent Death or: Electric Toyota: How do the EV, the PHV and the FCV compare?

On Thursday, Toyota had a small test event of the electrified cars at the showroom Toyota Megaweb in Tokyo on Thursday. The company made three models available for a short test ride: 1. A prototype of the coming iQ-based battery-electric vehicle (EV), that will be launched in the USA, Europa, Japan and maybe even China […]

Jaxa: Hayabusa brought back space dust / The longest round-trip of mankind ends in success

After months of careful analysis the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has claimed a total success of the longest round-trip ever of a man-made spacecraft. Today Jaxa announced, that its asteroid exploration spacecraft “Hayabusa” (Falcon) really brought back dust from the asteroid Itokawa. Quote: “Based on the results of the scanning electron microscope (SEM) observations […]

Talk with Thai PM Abhisit about Vision of Apec FTA

The contents of a partly private, party public talk with the Prime Minister of Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva in Tokyo on Sunday afternoon after the Apec summit about the vision of an trans-pacific free trade zone were published in the German financial daily Financial Times Deutschland (FTD). Prime Minister Abhisit was surprisingly bullish about the prospects of […]

“LED crystals”: The Beauty of LED Lights

Many LED lights are straight forward, dull replacements of traditional light bulbs. But recently the TechWatcher came across a few lighting innovations, that allow us a glimpse at a new world of lighting concepts and lamp designs. One of the most beautiful lamps the TechWatcher has ever seen are – how should we call them? […]

Daimler Truck sacrifices profits for expansion in Asia

Andreas Renschler, the head of the world’s biggest truck manufacturer told the TechWatcher in an exclusive interview for the German financial daily Financial Times Deutschland in Tokyo, that it will be difficult to make a profit in India and China in the beginning. Even after mid-term the profit margins would likely not reach the level […]

World premiere: Drive your truck like your Porsche / Mitsubishi Fuso introduces first truck with a double-clutch

So far, dual clutch transmissions (DCT) were used in super-sports cars for super-fast and super-smooth manual gear shifting. On Thursday, Mitsubishi Fuso, the Japanese subsidiary of the world’s largest truck manufacturer Daimler the first DCT in a truck, actually in its new Canter, the world’s best selling small truck with five million units sold since […]

Flat Panel Display Show 2010: The trend is transparent

Three new trends will flare up in the flat panel industry in the next three years (in addition to the inevitable rise of 3D displays): transparent displays, flexible displays and color eBook-readers. This is the clear message of the Flat Panel Display Show, the leading trade fair for the global panel industry, that currently takes […]

FPD 2010: Samsung presents flexible Oled display

At the Flat Panel Display Show 2010 in Japan (see the full report on TechWatcher) Samsung surprises with a prototype of a bendable amorphous Oled (amoled) display that has four times the resolution of its predecessor. With a resolution of 800 to 480 pixel the 4,5 inch display it is sufficiently equipped to serve as display […]

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