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HMDs: How a technology tries to become a trend

In the weekend edition of the German national daily “Die Welt” I report about the new wave of head-mounted displays (HMD), that refueled the old dreams of a third eye. The article is filled with recent examples as well as interviews with Professor Masahiko Tsukamoto, the Japanese pioneer of wearable computing who has not been […]

Letters From Japan: The ghost of nationalism is out of the bottle

In Japan anti-Chinese demonstrations are drawing bigger crowds than before, as I describe on my German language Japan blog Martin Köllings Japan-Notizen. According to the police 3800 demonstrators (with hundreds of big Japanese flags) assembled in Tokyo to protest against China. At the begin of their demonstration they played the national anthem, then right-wingers like […]

The start of the 3D smart phone era

Sharp, Nintendos supplier of the 3D-display for the portable game-console 3Ds, will start selling its own 3D-smart phone in December. The first vendor will be the carrier Softbank, which gained fame and profits as the sole seller of Apple’s iPhone in Japan. If Sharp’s prototype at the Ceatec serves as any guide, the mobile will […]

North Korea: How digital technology helps to get news in and out of North Korea

This is a screenshot of a news video by KIM Dong-cheol, a North Korean underground journalist with the Japan-based journalists network AsiaPress, shows a young woman in a North Korean village looking desperately for food for their rabbits she sells to wealthy North Korean. She looks like a girl, but says, that she is already […]

Cop10: “Historic Achievement”

It rarely happens that a global environmental conference earns praise from NGO. But the meeting on bio-diversity (Cop10), that ended Saturday morning in Nagoya, was celebrated even by Jim Leape, Director General of WWF International, as “historic achievement”. Obviously the “wonderful mood” and the “can-do” atmosphere of the first days, the TechWatcher reported about, could […]

Nissan: New Mobility Concept

Nissan presendet on Monday a “New Mobility” Concept Car: A two-seater EV. Judging from the photographs of the device, the company wants to fix four wheels, an electrical engine, two seats and wind and rain protection to a giant rechargeable battery. The TechWatcher thinks, that this is just another step towards the gadgetisation of the […]

The iCar: How The Car Becomes Just Another App

With the launch of the first mass produced eCars the gadgetisation of automobiles shifts to another gear as Nissan demonstrated today. The TechWatcher wrote about this trend already in his column for the German edition of Technology Review (My iPhone, my iPad, my iCar). Now on Monday, Nissan finally introduced its interactive information and communication […]

Head-Mounted Displays: Much Hype About A Niche

Head-mounted displays (HMDs) are much hyped, especially since the Japanese mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo and Olympus presented really cool HMDs for an augmented reality (AR) service at the recent Ceatec. But to be honest, I firmly believe they will stay a niche product for the time being. Ok, the display looks inobtrusively small. But […]

Mazda: New Engine for Survival

As next step as independent car manufacturer Mazda presented today new technologies to reduce the fuel efficiency of its cars by 30 percent by 2015. As first step Mazda will introduce two new internal combustion engines (ICE) under the project name „Skyactiv“, a gasoline engine with the world`s highest compression ratio and a diesel engine […]

North Korea Embarks on Internet Drive

In North Korea, an internet generation seems to have taken power. With the promotion of the only 27 years old Kim Jong Un to the unofficial position of official heir of the leader Kim Jong-il, the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) has gone online. For the first time we can enjoy the prose of North […]

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