Nissan: New Mobility Concept

November 1st, 2010  |  Published in Mobility & Space, TechWatch Japan

Nissan presendet on Monday a “New Mobility” Concept Car: A two-seater EV.
Judging from the photographs of the device, the company wants to fix four wheels, an electrical engine, two seats and wind and rain protection to a giant rechargeable battery.
But Nissan says: The idea is to produce a car, that is not only innovative in form and function (it supposed to be use as a kind of shared semi-private community car that can be used to commute to station in the morning and evening and as company car during working hours).
Nissans wants to build it so small and safe, that “enables anyone to drive and park easily” and delivers the “maneuverability equivalent to motorbikes with greater safety” (both quotes are Nissan speech).
The TechWatcher does not want to sound like a fan boy, but Nissan is currently leading the industry when it comes to new business models not only for new concepts of mobility, but also the reuse of batteries over their full life span. Nissan has founded already a battery recycling business, that will reuse the car batteries as storage for solar energy.

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