FPD 2010: Samsung presents flexible Oled display

November 7th, 2010  |  Published in Gadget Review, On the TechWatch

Samsung's flexible Amoled display: At least one the photograph it looks, as if Samsung has a real winner in its hand. Source: Samsung Mobile Display Corp.

At the Flat Panel Display Show 2010 in Japan (see the full report on TechWatcher) Samsung surprises with a prototype of a bendable amorphous Oled (amoled) display that has four times the resolution of its predecessor. With a resolution of 800 to 480 pixel the 4,5 inch display it is sufficiently equipped to serve as display for wide range of portable devices. And it seems highly flexible: Rolled together it fits into a small cylinder with a radius of 1 cm, says Samsung Mobile Display Corp. on its homepage.

The image quality is very good, but mass production will start 2012 at the earliest, the TechWatcher was told.

A flexible screen of this resolution and image quality would finally open the doors to a new design era for mobile phones, e-book readers and other portable devices.

In the realm of large displays this era has already arrived, although it comes with a very high price tag. The former Mr. Plasma of the Japanese electronic manufacturer, Tsutae Shinoda, sells already a bendable plasma display.

The so called plasma tube array of his company Shinoda Plasma is available in modules of one square meter that can be put together to screens of any size. Here is the English catalog: http://www.shi-pla.jp/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/SHiPLA-catalogEnglish.pdf

Flexible Plasma tube array: Shinoda Plasma's displays are not only bendable, but also freely scalable. However, the cost are also very high. Copyrights by Martin Koelling

Unfortunately, with a price of 5 mn. Yen (61000 US-$, 44000 Euro, at least according to the latest informations of TechWatcher) per square meter it is also prohibitively expensive.¬†Hopefully Samsungs flexible Oled display will overcome not only the remaining technological, but also the cost issues soon. It could be a real winner. But lets wait and see what Samsung’s rival have to show at the FPD Expo 2010 later this week.

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