NTT Tech Fair

February 23rd, 2011  |  Published in Comments & Features

We are living in interesting times. The internet and all the technologies and ideas that come with it are changing our lives in a rapid pace as a visit of NTT Tech fair in Tokyo shows.

I was impressed with the Taion-Heart, a remote handholding device for lovers or parents and kids. The plastic hearts measure the heart beat of one partner and send it via Bluetooth and the mobile phone to a second device. In his or her hand, it pulses with the rhythm of the heartbeat. A small heating coil even warms the heart to body temperature. A very hearty idea. More of remote emotion transmitters surely will follow.

Programming For Kids: Another for me astonishing project is Viscuit, a visual programming language teaching software for kids 3 years and older. The kids paint something on touch screen, pull it in two circles. And by rearranging and moving the drawings around a little bit in the circles, they change the movements of the drawings on the screen.

A demo of the work of an elementary school looked already amazingly complex. I wonder how these kids will see and change the world.

Other services will allow us, to communicate in totally new ways. This built-in-the-network service allows to set a meeting point via internet on a 3D-map just by tipping on it. Also on offer e-mails in your own handwriting , which can be read aloud in your own voice. We have just started to think of the new possibilities. You have to decide, whether you want to feel frightened or excited about it.

Another module of the platform transforms 2D portraits in 3D pictures. The model for the 3D-rendering is based on data of 2000 people. You can look at it from different kind of angles. The idea is similar to cloud computing. The processing takes place in the network. But the difference to internet based services is that the modules are integrated in the network of the telephone company. The goal obviously is to change the operators into service providers. Otherwise the carriers will degenerate to a simple data highway provider with low profit margins. That would make the investors unhappy.

The bigger meaning of it all: We have still no idea, how the future will look like. The only certainty is that the internet will allow us to teleport ourselves and our emotions to distant places.

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